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The Sappanwood Dyed Uniform - THE WAIGHT



  • Your pieces are dyed just for you only after you place your order

  • The Sappanwood Dyed Uniform includes a Pleat Sleeve Crew Neck & Highest Rise Sweatpant

  • This optimistic pink tone is created from a custom blend of Sappanwood and Cochineal created by our founder, both 100% natural dyes derived from nature

  • Each piece is hand-dyed over 48 hours and will have variation due to the natural dyes. There will be places where color appears darker and lighter on every piece

  • 100% organic cotton, grown in Texas

  • 100% domestic supply chain and small batch production to reduce excess inventory

  • This set is a commitment to an ethical, sustainable way of dressing— you’ll never have to think about what to wear with this easy head-to-toe look

  • We are currently accepting orders— un-dyed garments are available immediately and dyed garments require 10 days from the order date. Thank you for joining our slow-fashion movement!