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Castellano - Bucket Bag - Beige


The Castellano Bucket bag is brought to life by Wayuu women in the La Guajira peninsula in northern Colombia. This bag takes up to 15 days to weave by hand with just a single strand of thread, making a very tight and strong weave. The pattern is a symbol of the Wayuu culture and a fine example of their ethnic lifestyle.

Social Impact :

> Support ethical clothing, handmade, eco clothing, fair trade clothing, Wayuu craftsmanship and sustainable fashion.

> Empowering Wayuu women to develop their weaving skills.

>Through CASTELLANO’s products, the cultural heritage and internationally renowned weaving skills are being preserved

A pouch style bucket bag, this fastens with drawstring and has tassel style details which add to the look. Swing it over your shoulder and go traveling with a ethnic and chic feel!


  • Woven by hand
  • Magnet clasp to closure
  • Care instructions: Hand wash only 

Size Medium

Please NOTE: Due to the hand made nature of each design, bottom of the bag, size and shape will differ slightly. Typical dimensions (approx.): L: 20 cm, W: 25cm, D: 16 cm, strap length: 110 to 115cm.